Reduce costs & increase ROI

“I’m tired of having to invest in hardware so often!”


Because of the rapid evolution of technology and the fast pace at which hardware can become obsolete, many organizations are burdened with having to replace their servers and PCs more frequently than their IT budgets can handle. This often leads to new software running on legacy hardware that it no longer supports, which can slow the entire system down and increases the risk to the system’s security and overall integrity.

Norskale is committed to maintaining minimum infrastructure requirements. All major client and server operating systems are supported, including native 64-bit support on all platforms.

By using innovative algorithms that change the way applications consume system resources, Norskale technology reduces hardware requirements—including during application migration—by up to 70%. Virtual server sizing is based on average usage—not peak usage, delivering a better ROI and extending hardware life for a lower TCO.

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