Simplify workspace management

“Delivering desktops and applications is time-consuming!”


Delivering custom desktops and applications, virtual or physical, to hundreds or thousands of employees who have different and changing needs, can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

Norskale is highly scalable and resilient, allowing administrators to centrally manage large environments (80K+ users). By replacing complex components, such as scripts and desktop lockdown Group Policy Objects, Norskale simplifies the job of the IT team by eliminating complexity in any new or existing implementation. Norskale keeps the IT environment agile, and quickly identifies each end-user device type, and dynamically adjusts the workspace for optimal efficiency and security. All workspace settings and options are simple in design, and they can be quickly configured through an intuitive central console.

This non-intrusive and compatible technology ensures a smooth deployment in new and existing IT environments. It can be deployed within a few hours and managed on a daily basis, without the need for extensive training.

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