Introducing the new CitrixTools.Net Licensing System

4 June, 2011 (2522 reads)

Some weeks ago, I blogged about creating the VirtuAll Solutions company to host all my Community / tools related activities.

Reflecting this changes, the new release of each tool will include a new EULA and a new logo as well.

Along with these changes, a new licensing system will be introduced in all tools updates.

Basically, the tools will remain free for the Community but they'll now request a License key.

Two kinds of keys will be available :

- The Community License, free, valid for one year.

- The Subscriber License, automatically sent when the subscribtion starts, valid for one year.

When the key expire, users will have to enter a new key either Community or Subscriber.

For now, the licensing system is only enforced in GUIs and console apps and not in services that'll continue to work once they've been configured.

The idea is not to stop releasing free tools but to have a system allowing us to differenciate subscribers and offer them extra features (remember that subscription is only $60.00 / year).

For example, Community user will have to wait from 5 seconds to 30 seconds (the more the license is close to expiration, the more important the timer will be) for any management console to launch.


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